June 6, 2017

Best Viewpoint? Monteliusvägen!

Panorama view
We often get guests asking for directions to go to this viewpoint or that viewpoint. Places that they have read about in guidebooks. Like Kaknästornet, Fjällgatan and Skyview. I always love informing our guests that the best view is just a 5 minute walk from the Rival Hotel! Monteliusvägen has especially good views as it is just above Gamla Stan (the old town), Lake Mälaren and Stadshuset (city hall).
City hall to the left, Riddarholmen to the right.
Monteliusvägen is the name of a nearly 500 meter long walking path located along the heights of Södermalm, complete with viewpoints and a park´(Ivar Los park). I like to say to our guests that this is a good place to start your exploration of the city. You can get a good overview of the city's layout as well as see some of the main attractions. There are also many quaint old houses along the way.
Stairs up from the Rival Hotel.
To get there from the hotel, you just turn right as you leave the hotel. Cross the main street (Hornsgatan) and climb the stairs you see in front of you. In five minutes you will have the city laid out before you!
Five minutes from hotel to Monteliusvägen
Riddarholmen to the left and the old town to the right.
Part of the walking path.
Ivar Los park, picnic with a view?

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