Gulddraken Awards for Best Restaurants 2019

Dish at Rutabaga, one of the nominated restaurants
Photo by Lennart Weibull
Most lists and guides over the best restaurants in a city are generally filled with gourmet and high-end restaurants. For example, Guide Michelin and White Guide. Let's be honest, many of these restaurants, while fantastic, can drain your wallet. That is why Gulddraken is a refreshing change as they offer three categories... budget, mid-price and luxury. The Gulddraken ("golden dragon") are awarded annually by one of Sweden's main daily newspapers Dagens Nyheter. As these are local awards and all of the information is in Swedish, I thought that I would present all the nominees here. EDIT: The winners are marked in bold!

Every day life in Stockholm
Photo by Rickard Rönnerstam//
A Gulddraken is also awarded to the best café and the best bar. And the nominees are...

Bar (compare with this recent list from White Guide)
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