Stockholm Restaurants in the Michelin Guide 2019

Press image from Michelin
The 2019 Michelin Guide for restaurants in the Nordic countries was recently announced. It was a mixed bag for Stockholm restaurants with both surprising good news and expected bad news. Good news first... Gastrologik finally received their second star. Congratulations! Gastrologik has had one star for six years so they were very happy to be awarded a second star and it was well deserved. Unfortunately, chef Sayan Isaksson closed both of his one star restaurants this year (Esperanto and Imouto) so Stockholm lost two restaurants from the list. Here is the full list for 2019...

3 stars ("exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey")
2 stars ("excellent cooking, worth a detour")
Gastrologik interior (press image)

1 star ("a very good restaurant in its category")
Bib Gourmand (no star, but "exceptional good food at moderate prices")
Sunflower seeds with the freshest trout roe you can find
@ Gastrologik (press image)
Please keep in mind that the Michelin star restaurants usually need to be booked a few weeks in advance and often guaranteed with a credit card. If I had a dollar for every guest who has come to me on a Friday late afternoon and asked me for help in booking a table at a star restaurant for the same evening (only to be disappointed), I would be a rich man! If you are staying at the Hotel Rival, please contact me ahead of your visit for any assistance in booking a table. Of course, the Michelin guide isn't the end-all of restaurant guides and recommendations. There are plenty of other great restaurants in the city as well as other excellent guides


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