My 10 Year Anniversary!

Believe it or not (I can't believe it myself), but I have been writing this blog for exactly ten years now! Pretty mind boggling. Even crazier... during the past 10 years, I have managed to write 963 articles about Stockholm and amass almost 2.6 million page views. That is a lot of words and visits to museums, festivals and restaurants. However, it was quite a humble start. Entitled "My Favorite City!", my first blog article was very short and sweet:

  • "I have lived in Stockholm for over 20 years now. And though I have lived in other places around the world as well as visited countless cities and countries... Stockholm has always remained my favorite city. It has a metropolitan feeling without being a mega-city. A gorgeous place in all seasons, full of history yet surrounded by fantastic nature. Clean and populated (for the most part) with environmentally friendly denizens. Welcome to Stockholm..."

It took me a few months to find my voice but I guess you have to start somewhere! I started writing my blog in order to save and share all my experiences in Stockholm, whether it is restaurants, museums, sightseeing tours, festivals, shopping, nature or even local travel tips. It is strange to think about this these days considering the current situation in the world with Covid-19 and all of the loss of life, closed borders and travel restrictions that this has caused. Hopefully, things will change soon and we can get back to travelling and seeing the world. I will continue to write my blog (hopefully for another ten years?) and try to adapt my articles in the coming weeks and months to reflect the changed world. Even now you can check my recent articles for tips on which museums are open, closed or reopening soon as well as handy tips of online museum experiences and parks and other open air spaces in the city. Until you can visit Stockholm, stay safe and take care of yourselves.


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