Autumn Art Exhibitions 2021

Tyg Melodi by Stig Lindberg
at Millesgården

The last time I made one of these lists was back in December 2019. Feels good to be able to do it again... hopefully we won't have any bad relapses of the virus which would cause them to have to close museums again. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, if you have plans to visit Stockholm in the coming months, here are the ongoing and planned exhibitions at the major art museums in Stockholm:

Keep in mind that there are still restrictions in place in Stockholm due to the pandemic and this has a tendency to change month to month. To be sure of current restrictions (for example, the number of guests allowed), check the museums' website (all linked above) to get current information regarding how they handle Covid restrictions.
Gert Wingårdh exhibition at Liljevalchs
Photo by Mattias Lindbäck

Perhaps you are more interested in history? Then click here for museums focusing on history! If you are staying at the Hotel Rival and need further information, directions or have any questions, contact me directly.


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