Exhibition "Nudes" at Fotografiska

The last couple of posts have been about art galleries and museums in Stockholm... but here comes one more, as I recently visited the museum Fotografiska to see their new exhibition "Nudes". Besides, I have been posting basically about outdoor activities for the past 18 months! Fotografiska is the Swedish Museum of Photography, though I would say that it is more of a large gallery than a museum. It has proven to be a very popular concept since they opened in 2010. They have actually expanded and have opened in both Tallinn and New York, with plans to open in berlin and London as well. 

Fotografiska generally always has around 3-5 exhibitions showing, depending on their size and if they are currently rehanging an exhibition. They are very good at making sure that the ongoing exhibitions are varied in style and content, which means there is something for every taste. 

"Nudes" is an exhibition which is varied in itself as it contains the work of 30 different photographers from every corner of the world (Nigeria, Sweden, South Korea, Brazil, USA, Australia, etc.), with the common thread connecting them being the focus on the human body. Another connection, which makes this exhibition even more interesting and exciting, is that all 30 photographers are women! In other words, the exhibition is on the female perspective of the human body.

Now, you might be concerned, due to the name of the exhibition, that there are lots of genitalia on display. While a couple of the photographers have more, er, intimate images, on the whole it is very tasteful and PG-13. The exhibition is much more about the beauty of the human body than on exhibiting explicit nudity. I really did enjoy seeing the work of female photographers from around the world all being exhibited together; all with different perspectives and styles. Many beautiful images!

"Nudes" is scheduled to be shown until November 28th. Check their website for other exhibitions being shown. Fotografiska is located on the harbor waterfront of the island of Södermalm, just a 15-20 minute walk from Hotel Rival. Currently, as I have blogged on earlier, there is a big construction project at Slussen (which is the nearest subway station, red and green lines). As you need to make your way through this down to the waterfront, it might look daunting. But it is actually quite easy and you can just follow the signs for Fotografiska. It is about a 10 minute walk from the Slussen subway station. 

Covid regulations: in an attempt to avoid crowding, the cost of entrance tickets depends on the day and time with more popular times costing more. A good tip is to book your entrance ticket online to guarantee a spot. Online entrance tickets are also discounted so win-win. It seems that Fotografiska has just changed their website and the Englsih page isn't online yet (as I write this) but should be in the next few days. 


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