Eating on the Water

Loopen Marina
Swedes have many favorite pastimes in the summer... three of which are soaking up sunshine, eating & drinking and being on the water. Now restaurants are catering to these pastimes by building floating bars and restaurants. Every year more and more of these places open up in Stockholm. Generally speaking, people go to these establishments more for the drinks, sunshine and atmosphere than for dinner... but food is available! Since Stockholm is built on a myriad of islands with sunshine late in the evening, there is a lot of waterfront and time to enjoy the outdoors. Here is a list of some favorites:
So... join the Stockholmers out in the sun for a bite to eat and a cocktail. Be aware that at several of these restaurants booking a table is not possible. Just show up!
View from Mälarpaviljongen at 8:30pm
Thanks to Allt om Stockholm for the list.


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