Royal Haga Boat Tour

I have blogged earlier both about Haga Park and Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing. Now Strömma Kanalbolaget has made getting to and around the park easier for visitors with a relatively new bus line out to the park as well as a boat tour on the lake (Brunnsviken) in the park. Both the bus and the boat are of the Hop On Hop Off variety giving you the opportunity to explore on your own.
I've been to Haga Park many times, but yesterday I was invited by Strömma to try their tours for the first time and I was impressed with the trip. Haga and northern Djurgården make up a huge park complex with many interesting sights spread throughout the area. The Royal Haga boat tour is a guided tour with six separate stops along the lake shore. The boat stops at every dock once an hour and a ticket allows you to get on and off as you wish. Some highlights of the tour are The Natural History Museum, The Butterfly House, The Copper Tents, Haga Palace, the Bergianska botanical garden as well as acres of beautiful parkland and gardens in the English style.
To make matters easier, Strömma has created a new Hop On Hop Off bus line (green line) which takes visitors from downtown Stockholm to the boat dock in Haga Park. The green line meets up with the blue and yellow lines at several spots in the downtown area which makes it easy to combine them. The Royal Haga boat tour costs 120 SEK (24 hour ticket), and you can combine it with the Hop On Hop Off green line for 220 SEK. A Supreme Pass costs 350 SEK and is a 24 hour ticket for all Hop On Hop Off boats and bus tours including the Royal Haga boat tour as well as special discounts at some of the sights along the routes.
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