Art Galleries at "Puckeln"

Right around the corner (literally) from the Rival Hotel there is an interesting street that locals call Puckeln. This means "the hump" in Swedish and refers to its shape. It runs parallel to the main street Hornsgatan, from Mariatorget to Slussen, except that it rises slowly in elevation before sloping back down to meet the main street again (as seen in the picture above). This cobblestone street is lined with art galleries, handicraft stores and cafés. Paintings, ceramics, crystal, jewellery... it's perfect for strolling down on a warm sunny day and do some shopping (or at least window shopping!). The art galleries have a website- click here -where all of their individual websites can be accessed. Another great store located on Puckeln is trendy Efva Attling which specializes in silver jewellery and accessories. You can read my blog entry about Attling here.


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