Michelin Guide 2012

(Edit: This is the list for 2012, for the current guide... click here!) 
This year's Michelin Guide announcement was a bit anticlimactic: there is no change in the awarded stars from last year! No restaurant gained a star, nor did any lose a star. Many were wondering if Stockholm would finally get a three star restaurant. They would... if it was up to me. I think that they are worth a special journey! Maybe next year. There are also a few new restaurants that might gain a star and make the list next year. Jonas? AG? Ekstedts? Gastrologik? We'll see! In the meantime here is the complete list for 2012:

Two Stars:

One Star:
For those of you on a tighter budget, Michelin Guide has another category called Bib Gourmand that is awarded to restaurants with "good food at moderate prices". And in this list there is a change from last year... 


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