Tourist Info Ahead of Royal Visit!

Tomorrow (March 22nd) Charles and Camilla Windsor, also known as His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, will be arriving in Stockholm for a three day official visit. The couple are on a tour of Scandinavian countries in celebration of Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee.
If you are visiting Stockholm during this period (March 22nd - 24th) then there are some things that you should be aware of. First of all, the royal couple will be staying at the Royal Palace in the Gamla Stan. This means the Royal Apartments will be closed for visitors all three days as well as some rerouting of traffic in the area as they come and go during their visit. As far as I can tell from their websites, the museums around the palace (Treasury, Armoury, etc;) will not be affected. The changing of the guards will take place as usual... 12:15 all three days.
Secondly, as the royal couple tour the city, there will be some local traffic problems or closures. Of special note for visitors is their visit to the Vasa Museum on Saturday morning. According to the program, they will be visiting the museum at 10:40am- but the museum's website shows that it is business as usual. So, you will either want to avoid the museum at that time to stay clear of the chaos or else you want to visit then to do some royal spotting. Be aware also that the security will be high in the city (especially around the palaces and Vasa) during their three day visit!


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