Museums For All Tastes

I often write about the popular art and history museums in Stockholm... the Vasa, Skansen, Moderna, National, Nobel, Historiska and Fotografiska. But there are so many other museums to choose from; there is a museum for every taste and interest. With over 80 museums, Stockholm is one of the highest museums-per-capita cities in the world!
Museum of Dance
You have museums of other cultures and history than Swedish: Jewish, Mediterranean, Ethnography and East Asian. There are museums for specific arts: architecture, dance, silk & weaving, lithography and music & theater. There are even museums for specific interests: toys, policetechnology, naval history, military, post, tobacco and even alcohol (opening in May, 2012). Not to mention, a myriad of art galleries throughout the city! Two of the smaller museums are of special importance this year... the Strindberg Museum and the Sport Museum (Riksidrottsmuseet) as Stockholm is celebrating the 100th anniversary of both the playwright & novelist's death as well as the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.
Mediterranean History Museum
If you want to stick to the big museums, then click here to see earlier blog posts about them and past exhibitions...


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