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Tyska Kyrkan - The German Chruch

If you visit Stockholm, you are bound to see the German Church (Tyska kyrkan)... or at least its spire, which dominates the Gamla Stan skyline. In fact, visitors sometimes assume that this is the main Stockholm cathedral as it is taller than the cathedral (Storkyrkan) and looks more stereotypical church-like with its thin, 96 meter tall, copper spire. It is also known as St Gertrud's Church and is dedicated to the German saint. I stopped by the church the other day, to take a look around, on my way to the nearby Jewish Museum.
The neighborhood in Gamla Stan, where the church is located, was populated predominantly with Germans back in the Middle Ages. This was due to the fact that the (mainly German) Hanseatic League controlled most of the trade in the Baltic region at this time and many of its merchants lived in Hanseatic ports, like Stockholm. These merchants, as they were upper class in regards to wealth and influence, were afforded many extra benefits. Before the church was b…

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