Restaurant/Bar - Mälarpaviljongen

It's gorgeous weather this week... hot temperatures and lots of sunshine! A great place to enjoy it is at Mälarpaviljongen. The food is basic, but good... however it is not the menu that lures Stockholmers here. It's the location! Located on the waterfront promenad of Kungsholmen island called Norr Mälarstrand, this restaurant/bar is built out over the waters of Lake Mälaren with great views of the city. A friend and I visited Mälarpaviljongen yesterday afternoon... it was great just enjoying a beer and watching the boats go by. It's gay owned and operated, but the crowd is very mixed... everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the sunshine! The waterfront promenad is one of the most popular places for Stockholmers on a sunny day with lots of parks, beaches and restaurants. The bar really comes alive on weekend evenings with DJs playing and people enjoying the late evening sun...
The restaurant is café-style, no table service. Order at the counter and the waiters run out the food to you when it's ready. Tables are on a first-come basis... no reservations are accepted. But there are lots of tables, so finding a place to sit is usually not a problem.


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