Tip #9 - Midsummer in Stockholm

(Edit: Please note that this blog entry is from 2010, for current information... click here!).
Poor tourists! Every year they wander around Stockholm Midsummer weekend (June 25th to 27th) wondering why the city has been turned into a ghost town. They don't understand that Midsummer rivals Christmas when it comes to a holiday that is celebrated with family and friends. Many stores and restaurants close as Stockholmers head to their countryside homes to celebrate in true pagan style. But, not to fear... there are still plenty of things to do this weekend!
The best bet is to head to Skansen park. There you can witness the traditional Swedish Midsummer celebration... singing, dancing around the maypole, games and much more. Open between 10am and 10pm, there will be celebrations going on all day and evening long. For more information about prices and how to get there, check my earlier blog entry about the park.

There will also be festivities occuring at Vasa park, in the Vasastan neighborhood, starting at 12pm. Fun for the whole family! Otherwise, get into a boat and head to the nearby island of Fjäderholmarna or the town of Vaxholm. Public festivities will be happening at both places. But... be aware of when the last boat goes back to Stockholm so you don't get stuck there!

Here are some special opening hours of some museums this weekend (Skansen is open all weekend):
The NK department store will be open on Friday until 2pm and then closed the rest of the weekend. All sightseeing tours will carry on as normal! For other opening hours, contact the hotel reception.


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