October 8, 2017

Norm Form Exhibition at ArkDes

ArkDes is the Swedish Center for Architecture and Design... a museum, study center and focal point for discussion about architecture and design. It is in the same building (with same entrance) as the modern art museum Moderna, so it is convenient to visit both (2 birds, 1 stone). I have been there a few times, like for their past Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition, though mostly for their annual gingerbread house competition. This time I was there for the premiere of their new exhibition for the fall/winter season: Norm Form.
Norm Form looks at elements and forms of design that break the norm, whether it is gender, religion, sexuality, age or other cultural norm. Hijabs designed for Muslim women working in the fire department, a male version of a gynecological chair and jeans designed for a disabled individual confined to a wheel chair are some of what is on exhibit. Over 50 designers and artists have taken part in this exhibition which runs until February 11th, 2018. Free entrance!
I found it interesting, especially the pieces focusing on gender norms. Really made you think about gender norms and how many of these norms are forced upon you at an early age and reinforced throughout your life. From how boys' and girls' toys are packaged and sold to how men's and women's shaving products are advertised.
ArkDes is located on the island of Skeppsholmen and, as I mentioned, has the same entrance as Moderna. Many of the exhibitions in both museums have free entrance so this is a great way to visit two museums and soak in some culture without breaking your budget. The easiest way to get to the museums from the Rival Hotel is to take the Djurgård ferry from Gamla Stan. There is also a bridge connecting the island to the downtown area. Closed Mondays.

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