The Wine Bar Dryck

It was my birthday the other day (no presents please, cash is fine) and, after a long day at work, a friend and I decided to go out for a glass of wine. We had been discussing for a while about trying a wine bar called Dryck, that opened up a few months ago around the corner from the Rival Hotel... so this was the perfect opportunity. Wine bars (vinbar in Swedish) have become quite popular over the past few years here in Stockholm. Basically they are bars that specialize or concentrate on wine, with knowledgeable staff and small dishes that go well with their wine selections. These bars often offer wine tastings as well.
Dryck (FYI: Swedish for drink/beverage) was the location of a popular health food store called 8T8 until the owner decided to change directions a few months ago and follow her passion for wine. And it has proven to be successful. It is an intimate and cozy bar with a communal table in a back room as well. They do also have outdoor seating in the summer months and, as the street turns pedestrian during those months, it is quite a large outdoor area.
During our visit, we had two glasses of the Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir. They do have a bar menu with mostly small dishes like a selection of cheeses and charcuterie but a few larger dishes as well. We however just chose a couple snacks this visit... a variety of olives and popcorn with truffle oil and grated parmesan. Perfect to snack on while enjoying some wine. The service was good and personable... they were knowledgeable without being pretentious (like some sommeliers can be). In fact their tagline is "wine nerdiness without snobbery" (vin-nörderi utan snobberi).
Unlike many wine bars, they do also have a wide selection of great beers for those who prefer grain over grape. Don'y worry, they also have several good choices of non-alcoholic wines. I would say that this isn't a place to go for a quick glass of wine or just to get your buzz on. Instead, come here to enjoy and great glass of wine or beer, with a date or with friends. As I mentioned, Dryck is located right around the corner from the Rival Hotel. If you are coming from somewhere else in Stockholm, then the closest subway station is Mariatorget (red line). Skål!


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