Revisiting Restaurant Fjäderholmarnas Krog

The boat at Nybroviken
I have written about the restaurant Fjäderholmarnas Krog two years ago, but I revisited it last week and thought I would update the information here. In fact, I usually visit this restaurant at least once every summer... especially if I have friends/family visiting me. The restaurant is located on the Fjäderholmarna islands ("the feather islands"), which mark the beginning of the Stockholm archipelago.
Boat dock at Fjäderholmarna

Views of the archipelago

This is a great place to go for lunch or dinner and get a feeeling for the archipelago without having to make a full day trip. The main island itself is worth a visit... popular with Stockholm sunbathers, you also have shops, cafés and picturesque cabins to keep you occupied before or after your meal.

View from their terrace

They have regular boats taking guests out to the islands from both Nybroviken and from Slussen (a 10 minute walk from the Rival Hotel). The boat trip takes 25 minutes. Click here for a timetable for the boat between Slussen and Fjäderholmarna. It is in Swedish, but basically... the boat out leaves at the top of every hour and the boat back leaves at the bottom of every hour.
Indoor seating as well...


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