Midnattsloppet (The Midnight Run) 2012

Photo by Yanan Li, Stockholm's Visitors Board

Tonight (Saturday, August 18th) is the date for the Midnattsloppet or Midnight Race. This 10 kilometer race has been held annually since 1982 and has gotten more popular with each year with thousands of runners and even more spectators. The race is run around the island of Södermalm with the home stretch down the street Hornsgatan, half a block from the Rival Hotel. What makes this race unique is the carnival atmosphere along the route (there is even a costume competition) as well as the late start time... it's a staggered start with the first group starting at 9:30pm and the last group at 10:45pm.
If you are not participating in the race, then you can always choose a spot along the course, enjoy the atmosphere, and cheer on the racers!


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