Unique Dining: The Cube by Electrolux

This isn't really a restaurant review, like the others I have written. The price for dinner (2,600 SEK per person) is a little steep for me. So, instead of visiting this restaurant and then writing a glowing review here, I stood outside, sad-faced in the rain and took pictures of The Cube by Electrolux.
The Cube perched atop the Royal Opera House...
Bitter jokes aside, if you are a foodie and enjoy a unique, gourmet dining experience... this is the place for you! The Cube is a temporary "pop-up" restaurant, currently residing in both London and Stockholm. It has previously been hosted by Milan and Brussels. In Stockholm, it is located on top of the Royal Opera House with breathtaking views of the city- helped by the restaurant's glass walls. The views may be nice, but the main selling point is the food with the menus designed and prepared each week by some of Sweden's best chefs (Mathias Dahlren, Johan Jureskog and Magnus Ek among others). Together these chefs have an impressive collection of awards, including Michelin stars and Bocuse d'Or medals. I may have joked earlier about the price but, to be fair, it does include all drinks and this is about the same price you would pay for dinner and drinks at any of the Michelin star restaurants in Stockholm. Plus, it is a once in a lifetime culinary experience. If the price is still a little too steep, then you do have the option of eating lunch at the Cube (1,450 SEK including all drinks).
...looking over the water to the Royal Palace.
While I haven't been there myself, I can report that I have sent a few Rival Hotel guests there this summer and they have been very, very satisfied! The Cube by Electrolux is open daily for lunch and dinner until October 21st, 2012. There are only about 18 seats in the restaurant... so booking in advance is necessary! Visit their website for booking information as well as pictures from inside the Cube.


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