Strömparterren Park

Down the stairs from Norrbro
After two years and almost 28 million SEK of renovations, Strömparterren has reopened! This is one of Stockholm's oldest parks (1832) and probably best situated... located on the island of Helgeandsholmen, nestled in the Strömmen (rapids connecting Lake Mälaren with the Baltic) and surrounded on three sides by the Royal Palace, the Parliament Building and the Royal Opera House. "Strömparterren" is a mix of Swedish and French words, basically meaning downstairs at Strömmen. The name does make sense as you have to go down stairs from the bridge Norrbro to get to the park, which is just a little above water level. This is a great place to sit, listen to the rushing water and admire the beautiful buildings surrounding you on all sides.
The Sun Singer by Carl Milles (minus the sun)
In the past the park has been famous for waterfront cafés, fishermen and live music. It is still a popular place for fishing and it is possible to see a fisherman reel in a salmon there. Trout, eel, perch and pike are other common fish caught here. These days the park is mostly known for the statue The Sun Singer (Solsångaren) by famed Swedish sculptor Carl Milles, as well as being the entrance to the Medieval Museum (Medeltidsmuseet). If the statue catches your fancy and you want see more... visit Millesgården, just on the outskirts of the city. There are plans to bring back live music by summer 2013 which, along with the museum's outdoor café, should be a nice addition to the city landscape.
The park with Palace to the left & the Parliament to the right
To get there from the Rival Hotel, it is a nice 20-25 minute walk through the Old Town or you can take either bus 43 or 55.


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