August 10, 2010

Festival: Culture Festival

Just a little heads up! Today (August 10th) is the first day of the Stockholm Culture Festival, which will be going on until Sunday, August 15th. There is plenty to do and see and the best thing of all is that it is free admission to 99% of the scheduled events! A theme of this year's festival is Denmark... with many of the artists, music, theater and movies coming from our neighbours to the south. All types of "culture" will be represented and there is something for everyone (whatever your age). Take a look at their website (linked above) and check out the program. The performances and events are happening throughout the city though all of them are centrally located and close together... Skeppsbron in the Old Town, Gustav Adolfs Square, Brunkenbergs Square and Sergels Square. There is also a special area just for children at Strömsparterren in front of The Parliament Building.
I will be there tomorrow evening and come back with a more detailed report!
EDIT: And I'm back... took a stroll through the festival area. I didn't see any of the main performances as it was in the afternoon and they take place mainly in the evening. But they had plenty of bar/restaurant tents... and I visited Sergels Square where they have set up booths selling various items. Tonight I'm planning on revisiting the festival with friends to first see the 100-man gospel choir at Sergel Square and then samba queen Simone Moreno at Gustav Adolf Square. Be aware that there is another festival for youths going on simutaneously at nearby Kungsträdgården called Ung08.

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