Restaurant Oaxen Krog

Oaxen Krog is considered one of the absolute best restaurants in Sweden and has amassed amazing reviews... they have been listed in Restaurant Magazine's prestigious World's 50 Best Restaurants list five years in a row and has received about every Swedish and international award out there. Chef Magnus Ek and Agneta Green create a culinary experience where modern ideas meet old traditions in a gorgeous archipelago landscape. It is located a bit south of Stockholm and it is not that easy to get there... but I have sent several guests from the Rival Hotel there over the years and they have all agreed that it is well worth the trouble. Though it is perhaps good to note that these guests have all been "foodies". The best way to get there is by car (approx 1 hour drive), otherwise a taxi is possible (though quite expensive at 1,300 SEK each way) or a combination of commuter train-bus-ferry. For more information and directions.. click here! And now for some news...
Bad News: After 17 years, Oaxen Krog is closing its doors for good this October 1st(2011). So this is the last summer to enjoy Chef Ek's innovative menu out in the Stockholm archipelago. They open for business on April 30th.
Good News: According to the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, Ek and Green will be opening a new restaurant in Stockholm in the Spring of 2012. It will be located on the island of Djurgården and easy to get to from the Rival Hotel. I can't wait to see what they come up with!
If you are interested in other fine dining experiences in Stockholm... stay tuned to this blog. In March the annual Michelin Guide list will be announced and I will be sure to report on it. In the meantime you can check Visit Stockholm's list of current gourmet restaurants in the city.
(All pictures here provided by the restaurant's webpage)


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