Flea Markets

Sunday flea market at Hötorget
Rummaging through flea markets in foreign cities has become more and more popular in the past few years... I often get asked where one can find a good flea market in Stockholm. Smaller flea markets pop up around the city from time to time, but the biggest (and permanent as well) flea market in Stockholm can be found out in the suburb of Vårberg. Called Loppmarknaden (literally "the flea market"), they in fact advertise themselves as being the biggest flea market in Scandinavia. They are open 7 days a week and have around 250 stalls/booths selling everything from second hand clothes to antiques to LP's and CD's. It is good to note that entrance is free during the weekdays (a small entrance fee on the weekends) and that the market is indoors. It is easy to get to from the Rival Hotel... just take the subway (red line) towards Norsborg and hop off at the Vårberg station. The trip takes just 20 minutes.
EDIT: This season (2013-14) there will be a flea market held in the garage of the Liljeholmen shopping center one Sunday a month between 11am and 3pm. Located just 3 stops away from the hotel on the subway (red line), it is worth a visit. The Sundays are: Nov. 10th, Dec. 8th, Jan. 19th, Feb. 9th, Mar. 9th, Apr. 13th and May 4th.

Sunday flea market at Hötorget
If you are looking for something a little closer, then there is a flea market at Hötorget, located in the downtown area. Monday through Saturday it is a popular outdoor fruit and flower market, but on Sunday it turns into a flea market. It is a bit small and I wouldn't go out of my way to visit it, but if you are in the area then stop by for a bit of rummaging...


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