Swedish Candy Canes

One more blog entry to get you in the holiday spirit! Let me introduce you to Polkagris, the Swedish version of candy cane. Generally speaking it tastes and looks like candy cane... though without the hook and it can come in different flavors other than peppermint. Polkagris was first made in the town of Gränna, along the shores of Lake Vättern, in 1859. The Polkagris bakeries in Gränna are a popular tourist attraction these days. But you don't have to travel all the way to Gränna to see Polkagris being made (and to purchase it, of course). The Polkapojkarna in Gamla Stan (The Old Town) is the only polkagris bakery outside of Gränna where you can watch Polkagris being made.

So head down to the store (location) to pick up some authentic Swedish candy canes... just a 12 minute walk from the Rival Hotel. Or just stop by to watch them make the popular peppermint sticks!


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