Events & Festivals in Stockholm- Spring/Summer 2012

Photo: Erik G Svensson, Stockholm Visitors Board
(ATTENTION: This is the calendar for 2012, to see this year's calendar... click here!) Drum roll please! Here comes one of my more popular annual posts... all to help you plan your summer holidays in Stockholm. This year, it is not summer as usual in Stockholm. First of all there are two festival changes. The organizers of the annual Stockholm Jazz Festival have gotten tired of fighting the weather gods each summer and have now decided to change the festival from an outdoor summer festival to an indoor autumn festival. More on that in September! After changing venues the past two summers, the popular Stockholm Gay Pride Festival comes back home to Tantolunden (a few blocks from the Rival Hotel) where it belongs. Another change to the annual events this year is the fact that Stockholm is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, which means that there will be plenty of sporting events all year long (especially in the summer). I have added some of the larger sporting events to the calendar... but you can check the jubilee's website for a full listing.


July (a little quieter as most Swedes are on vacation during this month).
I will be adding other events as I stumble across them and I will also be writing about most events & festivals in depth as each one approaches in the calendar... so keep checking back!


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