May 31, 2012

Restaurants Which Close a Few Weeks During the Summer- 2012

(ATTENTION- this is the dates for 2012, for current info... click here!) Here it comes... the anticipated list of which dates certain restaurants close during the summer. A majority of the high-end restaurants (Michelin star, etc;) close for a few weeks in the latter part of the summer. I'm not really sure why they do this, just when the city is full of hungry tourists... one theory is that they want to keep a high quality of service and not have to rely on a summer waitstaff for a longer period (we Swedes do get 5+ weeks of paid vacation!). Or it could be that it is just not feasible to be open those weeks with Swedes all on vacation and no businessmen in the city. At any rate, here is the list and I will add to it as I find more restaurants:

  • Lux Stockholm- closes on July 15th, reopens on August 15th.
  • F12- closes on July 8th, reopens on August 9th.
  • Mathias Dahlgren- closes on July 13th, reopens on August 7th.
  • Djuret- closes on June 22nd, reopens on August 27th. During this period their outdoor restaurant Svinet will be open.
  • Restaurant AG- closes July 1st, reopens on August 6th.
  • Frantzén/Lindeberg- closes on July 15th, reopens on Augsut 17th.
  • Brasserie Le Rouge- closes on June 21st, reopens on August 15th. Their bar (Le Bar), which has a great bar menu, will be open all summer.
  • Miss Voon- closes on July 1st, reopens on August 8th.
  • Smak på Restaurangen- closes on July 1st, reopens on August 9th.
  • Grill and Köttbaren- closes on July 8th, reopens on July 31st.
  • Esperanto- their main dining room closes on June 22nd for the summer. But their lounge with a la carte menu will be open during the summer months.
  • Sjögräs- closes on July 15th, reopens on August 6th. Their popular bar will be open during part of this time.
  • Operakällaren- closes on July 7th, reopens on August 7th. Their Bakfickan will be open all summer.
  • Pontus!- the main dining room closes on July 2nd, reopens on August 13th. Their bar/lounge and seafood bar are open all summer as well as their restaunt on the water Pontus by the Sea. '
  • Gastrologik- closes on July 22nd and reopens on August 14th.
Does this list depress you? Not to worry, there are plenty of great restaurants in Stockholm open during these weeks... some of them, especially with outdoor seating or views, really come to life during the summer. The Rival Hotel's Bistro is, of course, open every evening all summer long. Even during the Midsummer holidays (June 22nd to 24th).

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