Tjejmilen- Women's 10K Run

Photo by Malin Ekequist/Tjejmilen
Today, Saturday September 1st, is the annual (and popular) 10 kilometer run that is exclusively for women... called Tjejmilen. Over 32,000 runners from 20 countries have entered this year's race. The entrants are made up of both competitive runners as well as people running for fun. The first group starts at 1pm and the scenic run will take them around the Djurgården and Gärdet areas... all beautiful parklands. Click here to see the course map. Good place for a run, but an even better place to take a walk!
Photo by Janna Saletti/Tjejmilen
From a visitors standpoint, you shouldn't have to worry about the race disrupting traffic (as it is on the outskirts of Stockholm), but it is good to know what is going on and why the city is filled with women in running gear. You will likely see the runners if you are visiting the Vasa Museum, Skansen, Kaknästornet or any of the art galleries on Djurgården island. The weather isn't that great today but take some time out and cheer them on! I would like to extend a special "good luck" to all of the Rival Hotel guests and staff who will be running today.


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