Strömkajen Open Again for Sightseeing Boats!

One of Strömma's sightseeing boats
Yesterday I was invited by the Strömma sightseeing company for the "new" premiere of the Strömkajen dock, which has been closed for renovations over the past two years. Strömkajen is located just across the water from the Royal Palace, next to Kungsträdgården park... very central.
Strömma's new ticket office at Strömkajen...
Two of Strömma's most popular sightseeing boat tours, Under the Bridges and Royal Canal Tour, depart from Strömkajen as well as Nybroviken. During the past two years the tours have only departed from Nybroviken... but Strömkajen is closer to the Rival Hotel, so we are happy that they have reopened! Strömma has a ticket office there and you can purchase tickets not only for the two boat tours but also for any of their other sightseeing options (bus, boat, combination, etc;).
...and Waxholmsbolaget's ticket office right next to it.
Another popular boat company, Waxholmsbolaget, also has departures from Strömkajen. These boats aren't sightseeing tour boats, instead they are commuter boats that travel out into the archipelago and are used by both tourists as well as archipelago residents. They have quite a network of boats and their online schedule tends to be a bit complicated. You can contact me directly, if you are staying at the Rival Hotel, for help... otherwise check out their new terminal at Strömkajen, where you can get information as well as book tickets.


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