September 20, 2013

Good-bye Summer, Hello Autumn!

I thought I would do something a little different today...
I was cleaning out my camera, deleting pictures from the past few months, and I noticed that I had quite a few pictures of the Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset) in my camera roll. I have written about Stadshuset before, but now I thought I would post a collection of pictures of the city landmark as inspiration. The pictures are taken at different times of the day/night, over the past few months and from different locations in the city. If you are coming to Stockholm soon, I can almost guarantee that you will leave the city with at least one picture of this popular symbol of Stockholm in your camera roll. Here's to a great autumn at the Rival Hotel!
Midnight sun (June) from Södermalm.
Taken from Långholmen island.
Swedish colors!
Last boat from Drottningholm coming to dock.
Lit up at night!
Fireworks celebrating the Rival's 10th anniversary.
From the Western Bridge (Västerbron).
This picture was actually taken last summer! :)

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