Stockholm Steakhouse Awards 2014

You might think, when visiting Stockholm, that you will be mostly dining on herring, salmon and other oceanic delicacies... but meat is big here in Stockholm, with a large variety of steakhouses to choose from. They even have an annual award (Årets Köttkrog) naming the best steakhouses in Sweden.
Stockholm dominated the awards this year and there were no changes in the top two spots, with the well deserved win going to Restaurant AG again (third year in a row?). I really do like this restaurant (blog article) and was actually there last week to visit their tapas bar... which is well worth a visit itself (their hamburger is arguably the best in the city). The second place award went, once again, to Djuret. They have a great concept where their menu focuses on one animal at a time (paired with wines from one region) and changing monthly. For example, currently the menu is variations of beef paired with wines from California and next month it will be variations of duck and chicken paired with wines from Burgundy.
The meat locker at AG...
Other Stockholm restaurants in the top ten (ranking in parentheses) are: Svartengrens (3), Rolf's Kök (4), Vassa Eggen (6), Grill (8) and Zink Grill (10). I blogged about this award last year and wrote a little about other options for meat lovers, which you can read by clicking here. And if you want to read about other recent restaurant awards, click here.


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