The Ultimate Shopping Map & Guide for Stockholm

In my line of work, I often get asked "where do I go to buy...?" and "where is this store located?". Especially as many visitors have heard about popular Swedish interior design and fashion brands. Luckily, my job has just gotten a little easier thanks to Maria Öijer who has put together the "Ultimate Shopping Map" for Stockholm.
This map comes with a comprehensive guide/book with an explanation of each store, shop, café or other point of interest on the map. Available in English or in Swedish. Instead of only a large fold-out map of the whole city, this map also has blown-up insets of different shopping districts... like funky SoFo, high-end Bibliotekstan, popular Gamla Stan and more. Of special interest for guests of the Rival Hotel is that one of the map insets shows all of the great shops in our neighborhood of Mariatorget! You can click here for an earlier blog article about the shops near the hotel. This map with guide is a perfect way to find the best shopping area for you! I like that they have ice cream shops and cafés marked out as well... just in case you need to take a little break from shopping.
While we do not sell the Ultimate Shopping Map here at the hotel, it can be purchased at several stores in our area... like Designtorget, Papercut and WOS (links to store address). The cost is 125 SEK. However, if you wish to pre-purchase the map to help plan your trip ahead of time, you can order the Ultimate Shopping Map through their website. Not only do they offer free shipping, but you also save a little money as they only charge 115 SEK for the map & guide when you preorder. Click here for earlier blog articles about shopping in Stockholm.


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