Temporary Home for the Östermalm's Saluhall!

The facade of the temporary saluhall, while...
One of my favorite places to visit and to send hotel guests to (especially for lunch) is the Östermalm's Saluhall. A "saluhall" is an indoor food market and this particular food market, built in 1888, has quite a bit of history. Click here for an earlier blog article about indoor markets in Stockholm. Unfortunately, this type of historic building needs to be lovingly taken care of and renovated from time to time. And that time is now... the historic food market will be closed for renovations until 2019.
...the original is being renovated across the street.
But don't worry, they have a contingency plan in the form of a temporary indoor food market which they have opened in the square across the street from the original food market. I checked it out yesterday and it looks nice and seems to have most of the original shops and restaurants inside, including my favorite one for Swedish seafood: Lisa Elmqvist.
The market closes at 7pm on weekdays and 6pm on Saturdays (completely closed on Sundays) so it is more a place for lunch than dinner. But don't limit yourself to just dining in... most of the vendors have great take-away options if you want to have a picnic in one of the nearby parks. Otherwise it is a nice market just to stroll around, soak in the atmosphere and maybe buy some Swedish delicacies to take home with you.
Östermalms Saluhall (the original under renovation and the temporary market) is located on the square Östermalmstorg. It is very easy to get there from the Rival Hotel... just four stops on the subway (red line) to the station Östermalmstorg.


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