April 25, 2017

Scandinavian Furniture & Design at Fogia's Concept Store

One of the top questions I get from visitors is where to go to shop for Swedish/Scandinavian furniture and interior design pieces. You do know that Swedish furniture design is much more than IKEA, right? Fogia, one of the top Swedish furniture design companies, invited me to visit their concept store, Fogia Market, yesterday... and I now know what my fantasy home would look like.
Fogia's furniture is found at retail furniture stores throughout Scandinavia as well as other parts of Europe and in the US and Australia. However, Fogia Market is their showroom and only store where all their products can be found under one roof. It is a great place to browse, get inspiration as well as purchase that perfect piece of furniture or accessory for your home or office. Their experts are on hand for consultations and to answer any questions.
Fogia's furniture is all individually manufactured, using materials of the highest quality and durability. They have a huge variety of fabrics to choose from for each piece of furniture, so this means that your fantasy is basically the limit when it comes to creating your dream space. At Fogia Market they also have a wide range of interior design accessories from collaborating partners... vases, pots, pillows, rugs and much more. This is the perfect place to visit while in Stockholm if you are a lover of Swedish & Scandinavian design, whether or not you are in the mood to buy anything.
Fogia Market is located out on the island of Nacka at the mouth of Stockholm harbor. The best, and most picturesque, way to get there is by commuter boat. There are regular boats departing from Nybroplan in the downtown area and the trip takes approximately 20 minutes to Finnboda Hamn. These boats are part of Stockholm's public transportation which means that it is included in the public transportation card. The store is right on the waterfront so the boat drops you off just 25 meters or so from the front door. You can also get to the store by car/taxi/bus... but the boat trip is half the fun in my opinion.
They also have a great café in the store. So head out, browse through the store and then have some lunch and watch the ships sail by. Talk to me directly if you are staying at the Rival Hotel for more information and boat schedules. Fogia Market is open daily but they do usually close for a couple of weeks around the end of July, though the dates aren't set yet (keep your eye on their website). If you do decide to buy something, Fogia will help you with shipping so you don't have to worry about carrying a sofa on the plane home.

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