Vegetarian Restaurants in Stockholm

Some of the vegetarian dishes at Spritmuseum
I often get asked by guests if it is a problem eating at Stockholm restaurants if they are vegetarian. My short answer is that just about every restaurant in Stockholm has at least one vegetarian dish on the menu and are pretty good at adjusting other dishes to make them vegetarian. The Rival's Bistro, for example, always has 2 or 3 vegetarian dishes on the menu. But if you have specific dietary restrictions (gluten free, lactose intolerance, allergies, etc.) or wish for more vegetarian options, it is good to notify a restaurant ahead of time. I have worked in restaurants and I can say that chefs aren't very happy on a Saturday evening, when they are slammed in the kitchen, to have a waiter tell them that a seated guest wants a vegan dish with no gluten or trace of nuts due to a deadly allergy. But if they know these things ahead of time, it is much easier for them to be prepared..
Zucchini, peas and mint at restaurant Gro. 
That all being said, there are several restaurants (from fine dining to casual) that are vegetarian or concentrate a good part of their menu on fruits and vegetables. In fact, it has been a popular trend over the past couple of years for menus to focus on organic, locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables with the protein coming as a side dish. Here is a list of recommended restaurants for vegetarians:

Higher end restaurants (as opposed to casual, see below)- keep in mind that many finer restaurants close for a few weeks during the summer.

  • Rutabaga- A couple of years ago, Chef Mathias Dahlgren closed his Michelin two star restaurant Matsalen and opened instead a vegetarian restaurant in the same locale. Closed for a few weeks during the summer. My visit
  • Spritmuseum- the Museum of Spirits has a great restaurant run by Chef Petter Nilsson. Here you have a choice of two set multiple course menus (7-8 courses), one of which is completely vegetarian. Usually takes a short summer break for a few weeks. My visit a couple of years ago.
  • Gro- great hole-in-the-wall restaurant with high-end flavors and techniques. They offer 2 four course menus, one "omnivor" and the other "vegivor". Generally closed for a few weeks during the high summer. My visit last year.  (EDIT: currently closed, reopening in a new location soon)
  • Fotografiska- located in the museum of photography. Named best restaurant in Stockholm in the mid price range category in 2015 and recently awarded as best Museum Restaurant in the world. Here the menu is basically vegetarian but you can order meat and fish as "complements" to your meal if you wish. My recent visit.
More casual restaurants
  • Herman's- probably Stockholm's most famous vegetarian restaurant. Casual restaurant which serves a vegetarian buffet. Besides the food, many come here for the great views of the city. 
  • Växthuset- the name literally means "greenhouse" as in where you grow plants. Especially popular with vegans. They serve many sharing dishes family style. 
  • Rosendals Trädgård- summertime café in the gardens on Djurgården. Lunch. Many of the dishes are vegetarian, biodynamic and use ingredients grown in the gardens. My recent visit.
  • Chutney- vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the trendy SoFo neighborhood. 
  • Doctor Salad- breakfast, salads and smoothies. Prioritizes raw and vegan ingredients and excludes processed sugar, gluten and lactose. Reopens on August 1st after the summer holiday. 
  • Sally Voltaire & Systrar- casual restaurant in the Åhlens department store with many salads and vegetarian dishes. 
The views from Hermans vegetarian restaurant. 
And as many vegetarians know... Asian/Indian restaurants often have several vegetarian dishes on their menus (more than restaurants serving European/American cuisine). If you are staying at the Rival Hotel and want more information about these or the restaurants listed above, contact me directly. 
The biodynamic gardens at Rosendals Trädgård


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