September 27, 2017

Vintage and Second Hand Clothing Stores on Södermalm

This coming weekend I am going to a party with a 1980's theme, so I decided to search through vintage clothes stores to see if I could find something good to wear. And since many of the best vintage and second hand stores in Stockholm are in the Rival Hotel's neighborhood and hotel guests do ask about them from time to time... I thought that this would make a good blog post.
Södermalm is often called the "Brooklyn" of Stockholm and is the home to our hipster population. There is even a hipster guide of the area. Let's be honest... most major cities in the western world have this type of neighborhood these days. These areas, whatever the city, are great places to find funky design stores, craft beer pubs, great cafés, barbershops (need to keep those beards trimmed!), yoga studios, eclectic music shops and... vintage clothes stores. You have at least 12 stores within a 4-5 block radius of the hotel and they run the gamut from charity shops to boutiques selling hand picked vintage items.
Siv & Åke
Here is a list of the 12 closest stores with locations. I have marked them with a C (charity shop), S (second hand clothes- from mundane to treasure) or a V (vintage, hand-picked quality clothes) so you can decide which ones to visit. This is a great way to find that unique fashion piece for your wardrobe or just a great bargain. They are listed by location... loosely east to west. Happy shopping!
Ruth & Raoul

If you are staying at the Rival Hotel and are looking for more vintage and second hand clothes stores in Stockholm or need other advice, contact me directly at the hotel.
Herr Judit
Emmaus- two shops, one location.
Beyond Retro

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