Restaurant Tranan

I was invited with my colleagues from Les Clefs d'Or Sweden to try the restaurant Tranan earlier this week. Tranan is one of those classic Stockholm restaurants and has been located at the same address for 90 years, serving traditional Swedish cuisine with a French twist. Due to its history, most Stockholmers have heard of Tranan even if they haven't dined here. They also have a wine bar next door to the restaurant called Grus Grus which is very nice. At Grus Grus you can enjoy some great wines, and the food is served family-style (sharing plates).
Swedish meatballs
Tranan's menu is filled with a mix of classic Swedish and French favorites. This is a great place to try fried Baltic herring, Toast Skagen, Beef Rydberg and pickled herring. Another famous dish which isn't listed on the menu (a well-known secret) but can always be ordered at Tranan is Swedish meatballs with all the trimmings (potato purée, lingon berries and pickles) ! They also have French classic dishes like Escargot Provencale, Chevre Chaud and steak tartare if that tickles your fancy.
Herring served "housewife" style.
I opted for Husmorssill ("housewife herring") for an appetizer and then the fried green asparagus from the island of Gotland. Very delicious! Tranan is located on the square Odenplan. The easiest way to get here from the Hotel Rival is by subway, take the green line north from nearby Slussen to Odenplan (5 stations). Otherwise, it is about a 10 minute taxi ride. Click here for a list of other restaurants serving classic Swedish cuisine... and click here for other restaurant recommendations/reviews.
Fried green asparagus from Gotland


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