Taxis in Sweden... be aware!

Sweden is one of the most organized, least corrupt, by-the-book countries in the world... except when it comes to taxis, where instead it resembles the Wild West. Taxis are unregulated in Sweden and companies can choose which kilometer and fixed rates they use as long as they are displayed somewhere on or in the taxi. This means getting from points A to B can vary wildly in price. The large majority of taxis belong to big companies that have approximately the same rates, but if you jump into the wrong taxi you may find yourself paying double.
You'll be alright as long as you follow 3 simple rules:
  1. Stick to using the five main taxi companies (list provided below). Personally I recommend Taxi Stockholm, the largest company and the one I use both professionally at the Rival Hotel and personally.
  2. Whenever possible, ask someone to call you a taxi... whether at a hotel, restaurant, store, museum, etc; Then you will be sure to get a "safe" taxi.
  3. If you are unsure of a taxi, ask the driver what the approximate or fixed price will be for where you are going. A taxi trip within the inner city shouldn't cost more than 200 SEK and a trip to or from the Arlanda airport shouldn't cost more than 520 SEK.
Besides my favorite Taxi Stockholm, the following taxis are safe to take: Taxi Kurir, Top Cab, Taxi 020 and Taxi Transfer.


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