December 8, 2010

Nobel Prize Ceremonies

This Friday, December 10th, is the date for the Nobel Prize Cermonies in Oslo (Peace Prize) and Stockholm (all other prizes). The winners have all arived in the city and this week is filled with seminars, lectures and press confernces. As a visitor to Stockholm during this time, you really can't take part in any of the festivities or events as they are generally invitation-only. The one event that is open for the public is the Nobel Concert in the Stockholms Konserthus on Wednesday evening. There are only a few seats still available. For more information and to book tickets click here. Otherwise it is good to be aware that there can be some traffic problems in the downtown area on Friday evening as police escorts take award winners, diplomats and the royal family from their hotels to the Konserthuset and then to the City Hall for the dinner.
If you want to get a little feel for the Nobel Awards and festivities, then I recommend visiting the Nobel Museum in the Old Town as well as City Hall where you can tour the beautiful halls where the famous dinner is served each year. At the City Hall you also have the restaurant Stadshuskällaren where you can actually try the dinners served to the award winners each year.

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