June 26, 2011

Restaurants Closed This Summer (2011)

(Edit: this is the list for 2011, click here for current information) It is a Stockholm phenomenon... just when hordes of tourists descend on the city, many of the top gourmet restaurants close for a few weeks for summer vacation. I've really never understood the concept, but there you go. There are, of course, plenty of restaurants still open... but it is good to have a list of restaurants that are closing (and for which dates) to help plan your stay a bit better.
  • Lux Stockholm- closed July 17th through August 15th.
  • Fredsgatan 12 (F12)- closed July 10th through August 7th.
  • Grill- closed July 10th through August 1st.
  • Brasserie Le Rouge- closed July 3rd through August 10th. Their bar, Le Bar, is open all summer.
  • Smak på Restaurangen- closed June 24th through August 4th.
  • Operakällaren- closed July 11th through August 15th. They will be serving their smörgåsbord next door in the Café Opera dining area until August 28th (thurs-sat).
  • Teatergrillen- closed July3rd through August 3rd.
  • Esperanto- closed June 23rd through August 11th.
  • Frantzén/Lindeberg- closed July 10th through August 11th.
  • Sjögräs- closed July 17th through August 8th.
  • Pontus!- closed July 4th through August 8th. Their Bar and Seafood Bar will be open during this time.
  • Djuret- closed June 24th through August 29th. During this time they will have a restaurant, called Svinet, open in their garden.
  • Mattias Dahlgren Matbaren & Matsalen- closed July 15th through August 8th.
  • AG- closed July 3rd through August 7th.
  • Rolf's Kök- closed through August 7th.

I will add more restaurants to the list as I find them. You may have noticed that all of Stockholm's Michelin Star restaurants close... so, if you are a foodie, don't come to Sweden at the end of July! If you are going to be staying at the Rival Hotel, contact me for help with recommendations for restaurants as well as eventual reservations.

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