March 18, 2011

Michelin Guide 2011

(Post from 2011- to see current list click here!) Hot on the heels of the White Guide comes the next ranking of Stockholm's best restaurants. This time it is the internationally prestigious Michelin Guide. Gourmands and foodies wait eagerly every year for this list... who will gain a star? Who will lose a star? This year it was a bit anti-climatic as there were no changes to the list and ranking from 2010. To help you understand, here is how Michelin rates restaurants using a 1 to 3 star basis. One star means that the restaurant has "very good cuisine in its category", "excellent cuisine, worth a detour" will give a restaurant two stars while three stars are awarded to restaurants with "exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey". No restaurants in Sweden have three stars, but Stockholm is the only city in Scandinavia with two restaurants that have been awarded 2 stars. Here is 2011's list:

2 Stars:

1 Star:

There is another category awarded by Michelin called Bib Gourmand which is for restaurants with "good food at moderate prices". Here are the Stockholm restaurants that made that list this year:

You might notice that Oaxen Krog, considered one of the top 50 restaurants of the world, is missing from the list. This is because the Michelin Guide for Stockholm is a city guide, and the hour drive to the restaurant from Stockholm disqualifies it.

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