Activities for Children

Photo: Henrik Trygg, Stockholm's Visitors Board
We recently had a family with small children staying at the Rival Hotel and, during their stay, I helped them find suitable activities for the whole family. It wasn't a difficult task... Stockholm is a great city for children of all ages! Besides miles and miles of park lands and fun boat trips, there are plenty of child-friendly attractions and museums that should keep the small ones busy.
If animals (whether wild, tame or even extinct are of interest) then you have quite a lot to choose from:
  • Skansen- not only an outdoor cultural museum and park, it is a zoo with both Nordic animals (moose, reindeer, wolves, bears, etc;), exotic animals and a petting zoo. A good time to visit is in the early afternoon during feeding time. There are also daily activities for children in their calendar. Open year-round.
  • Aquaria- The Stockholm Aquarium. On the small side, this aquarium is just a stone's throw from Skansen and here you will find aquatic life from Nordic, tropical and rain forest environments. Open year-round.
  • The Butterfly House & Shark Tank- an indoor tropical rainforest located in the Haga Park. Besides hundreds of butterflies, you will find birds, fish, insects and tropical frogs. And sharks! Open year-round.
  • Kolmården- Scandinavia's largest wildlife park located south of Stockholm with several attractions like Marine World, Safari and Tiger World. It is an hour and a half trip by car or train, so plan for a full day. It is open during the warmer months as well as weekends and during special weeks when children are off from school.
  • Museum of Natural History- if your children are more interested in dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals, then this is the place to visit. The museum has great exhibitions on Nordic animals as well and is also the location of the Imax theater Cosmonova. Open year-round.
Perhaps pure frivolity? Amusements parks, story-telling and toys...
  • Junibacken- Indoor amusement park based on the writings of Astrid Lindgren (Pippi Longstocking, Karlsson on the Roof, the Brothers Lionheart, etc;). Rides, story-telling, shows and play areas. Open year-round.
  • Gröna Lund- outdoor amusement park with rides, games and shows. Closes for the winter months on September 25th.
And for those interested in science, space or history...
    NASA, a Human Adventure. Photo by Anna Gérden
  • Medieval History Museum- see how Stockholm grew in the Middle-Ages. Many hands-on exhibitions which makes it a great place to take children. Open year-round.
  • Museum of Science & Technology- also a great museum for children with many hands-on exhibitions. 
  • Tom Tit's Experiment- located in the town of Södertälje, just south of Stockholm. Rides, experiments and experiences designed to increase knowledge and interest in science and technology.
As you can see... plenty of fun activities for children of all ages and interests!

Entrance to Junibacken...


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