September 29, 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Movie... Coming Soon!

Well, perhaps not soon...but it will be released on December 21st (USA & Scandinavia- Boxing Day in the UK).
You would have to be living under a rock to have missed the phenomenon that is the Millennium book trilogy, written by Swedish writer Stieg Larsson., with millions upon millions of copies sold worldwide. They have already been made into popular Swedish movies, but now it is Hollywood's turn to adapt the books into movies. The trailer has been released and it looks good. I am so happy that they decided to film the movie here in Stockholm and Sweden (where the story takes place)! In fact, the books and movies have been a real boon to Stockholm tourism.
The books and movies (Swedish or Hollywood) are great to read/see if you have been to or are planning on visiting Stockholm... especially the Rival Hotel. Why is that? Well... the majority of scenes take place (and were filmed) just a few blocks from the hotel. Lisbeth Salander's apartments, Mikael Blomkvist's apartment and office as well as different cafés and bars they visit. If you are in Stockholm while the movie is showing... remember that all movies are shown in the original language (in this case English) with Swedish subtitles, which makes seeing a movie easy for foreign visitors. If you can't get enough of the books & movies then I can recommend the Millennium Walking Tour arranged by the Stockholm City Museum.
Check the movie's official website to see a longer trailer and for more information...

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