Awards for Best Restaurants in Stockholm

Pontus! (Seafood Bar)
(EDIT: From 2012- click here for 2014) The award season is upon us... not just in Hollywood, but also in the restaurant world. The White Guide and Michelin star announcements are coming soon, but in the meantime we have the Gulddrake ("golden dragon") awards which are awarded by the respectable daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter. What is good about the Gulddrake awards is that they give an award for different price classes (luxury, middle, budget, bargain as well as bar) instead of just luxury restaurants as other awards do. Here are the winners of each class with the jury's motivation translated into English:
Luxury- Gastrologik. A bit of an upset, a new restaurant that beat out two Michelin veterans. According to the jury: "Gastrologik has successfully created the recipe for a real top restaurant. Here guests will be invited to fabulously well thought-out and top notch cooking, a precise and professional attitude and a lot of heart. The guest is at the center and served in a restaurant experience that is outstanding in every detail.". The other nominees were Mathias Dahlgren and Frantzén/Lindeberg.
Middle- Chez Betty. Jury: "Chez Betty is a place to be happy at. This small neighborhood restaurant is sensational and we were seduced by both rustic meat dishes and freshly made pizzas with rare enthusiasm and a refreshing lack of mannerisms. Magic from the Mediterranean!". The other nominees were Volt and Mäster Anders.
Budget- Blue Light Yokohama. Jury: "Blue Light Yokohama combines a relaxed atmosphere and fast-food style with carefully prepared ingredients. In addition to the nice price. Every detail, from miso soup to sake, are in place and at this newly opened little gem, Japanese food is served at its best.". Other nominees were La Neta and Ramen Ki-Mama.
Bargain- Pontus! (regarding their Birdie Nam Nam Special) Jury: "To eat foie gras is not a human right but to make gourmet food available even for those without the fat expense account is something we like a lot. Pontus! Birdie Nam Nam Special, food at half the price for early and late guests, is almost too good to be true.". Other nominees were Palmyra Kebab and NK's cheese and charcuterie.
Bar- AG. Jury: "That Stockholm's best bar in 2012 serves excellent cocktails is obvious. But the bar at AG has thought beyond that. Here they have matched the drink with perfect finger food, so that the visit becomes more than just drink snobbery. We always begin our evening here and, all too often, never go home.". Other nominees were Little Quarter and Pontus!.
Bar at AG


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