(New) Museum of Spirits

Entance on the waterfront
That's alcoholic spirits, not ghostly spirits! Spritmuseum is the newest museum in Stockholm (opening for the public just a few weeks ago) and is dedicated to alcoholic beverages and our relationship with them. I was, of course, curious about this latest addition to the Stockholm cultural landscape so I took the opportunity to visit the museum this past Sunday.
Located on the island of Djurgården near other popular attractions like the Vasa Museum, Skansen and Gröna Lund... the location can't be beat. In fact, in a bit of witty advertising, they announced that the best place for a museum dedicated to alcohol is between a wreck (the Vasa) and a roller coaster (Gröna Lund). They've also stated that this will be much more than just a museum... a meeting place, restaurant & bar, art gallery and tasting room as well. From what I could see, this seems to be true. I didn't have a chance to try their restaurant, but it was full of happy people and the food looked delicious. An extra plus for their outdoor seating area right on the water!
Andy Warhol's Absolut art
I really enjoyed their current exhibition: Face It! From the Absolut Art Collection. I'm old enough to remember and appreciate the great art in Absolut Vodka's advertisements in the late 80's and early 90's. And this collection contained some of these works (Warhol, Ruscha and Harring) as well as some other more media-based art. All in all, very interesting. Their permanent exhibition is called Sweden: Spirits and a Nation. This takes an interactive (sight, sound, taste and smell) look at Sweden's bittersweet relationship with alcohol.
Absolut light installation
To get there from the Rival Hotel... just take the Djurgårds ferry from Slussen (10 minute trip) and then walk along the water towards the Vasa Museum.


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