Museum Tre Kronor

Entrance to museum
I took the opportunity the other day to visit a museum here in Stockholm that I had never been to, but had always been curious about... Museum Tre Kronor. You would think that I have visited all 80+ museums in Stockholm, but I am still working on it! This museum is dedicated to the original castle in Stockholm, called Tre Kronor, which burned down in 1697. The current Royal Palace is built on the site of the old castle. The museum is located in Gamla Stan under the north wing of the palace (much of which survived the fire) in parts of the original Tre Kronor structure. Besides recounting the history of the castle, there is information about the construction of the castle and life within the walls. It was quite interesting, though I would recommend perhaps a visit to the nearby Medieval Museum first to get an overview of the history of Stockholm at the time. Tre Kronor means "three crowns" and, besides being the name of the old castle, is the symbol of Sweden as well as the name of the national ice hockey team. The three crown symbol can be seen on top of the City Hall Tower which I recently wrote about.
Quite dark inside! Good for ambiance, bad for pictures.
Entrance costs 150 SEK, and it is good to note that the fee gives you entrance as well to the Royal Apartments, The Treasury and Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities (within a 7 day time period). The latter museum is included just during the summer months. Free entrance to all museums included in the Stockholm Card. If you time your visit properly, you can watch the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace before or after visiting the museum (12:15 all days except for Sundays and holidays when it starts at 1:15pm).
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Changing of the guards


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