August 10, 2012

Culture, Youth and Summer Cinema Festivals 2012

Gustav Adolf Torg stage, photo by Thomas Karlsson
Stockholm is just recovering from the Pride festival and already next week we have three festivals simultaneously! The largest of the three is The Culture Festival (Kulturfestivalen). This is one of my absolute favorite festivals in Stockholm... there is lots to see & do, good people-watching opportunities and (most importantly) it is 99% free-of-charge! The festival runs from the 14th to 19th of August and its location is concentrated in the downtown area. Most events are to be found in three squares: Gustav Adolfs Torg (in front of the Royal Opera), Brunkebergstorg and Sergels Torg. All three squares are very close to each other and easy to walk between. There are lots of fun events to choose from... Brazilian Samba Party, circus artists, African dance show, opera gala, concerts and other live performances. One highlight should be the concert on Thursday evening with Ola Salo and the Radio Symphony at Gustav Adolfs Torg. Click here for a full program of events. If you are traveling with children then make sure to visit Brunkebergstorg during the day for their Maxat för Mini... lots of activities for children!
Ola Salo, photo by Emma Svensson
There are two other smaller festivals going on at the same time in Stockholm. Next door to the Culture Festival you have Ung08, a youth festival, taking place in Kungsträdgården. It is basically a free music festival geared for youths age 15 to 19. The second festival (and another personal favorite) is the outdoor Summer Cinema Festival (Sommarbio). Every evening at 8:30pm, between the 15th and 19th of August, they will be showing a classic movie in the great outdoors at the park Rålambshovsparken. The theme this year is monster movies and they have some great ones lined up... from Jaws to Fellowship of the Ring. Click here for the schedule, but be aware that Pan's Labyrinth is in Spanish with Swedish subtitles and Let the Right One In is in Swedish with no subtitles. Otherwise the others are in English with Swedish subtitles. Bring a picnic basket, bottle of wine and a blanket and enjoy some great cinema (free admission).
If you are staying at the Rival Hotel, stop by and talk to me to get more information about these festivals!

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