ABBA The Museum... Coming Soon!

Photo by Bengt H. Malmqvist @ Premium Rockshot
Well, finally the news all ABBA fans have been waiting for. In a news conference today, Björn Ulvaeus (one of the B's in ABBA) announced that ABBA The Museum will be opening in April/May of 2013. It will be part of the larger Swedish Music Hall of Fame, dedicated to Swedish pop-music history. Should be a real draw for visitors to Stockholm. Half of the exhibition will contain objects that have been part of ABBA World, the traveling exhibition that toured cities in 2009-2011. The other half will be never before seen/displayed items! All of it looking at the band's history, from conception to their solo ventures after breaking-up. Many parts of the museum will be interactive. The museum is currently under construction and will be located on the island of Djurgården, near the Gröna Lund amusement park. It will be easy to get there from the Rival Hotel (owned by the other B in ABBA)... just a 10 minute ferry ride from nearby Slussen! Sweden has a great history in pop-music. Besides ABBA, you have Roxette, Ace of Base, Robyn, Kent and many more international stars... so the Hall of Fame should be quite interesting as well. Can't wait! Another great reason to visit Stockholm next summer! In the meantime, the Stockholm City Museum organizes ABBA walking tours (though just for prebooked groups at this time).


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