Church Services During the Holidays 2012/13

(EDIT: blog from 2012, for current dates and times... click here!) There are many churches offering services in several languages during the holiday season. The main denominations are Church of Sweden (Lutheran) and Catholicism. Here are the mass times that can be of interest:

Storkyrkan (Lutheran)- located in Gamla Stan.
-December 24th: Christmas music & prayer at 4:30pm. Midnight mass at 11:00pm. Both in Swedish.
-December 25th: High mass at 11am in Swedish.
-January 1st: High mass at 11am in Swedish.

St Jacob's Church (Lutheran)- located next to Kungsträdgården.
-December 24th: Christmas pageant and music at 11am.
-December 25th: Worship in English at 6pm (also every Sunday at 6pm).

Katolska Domkyrkan (Catholic)- located on Södermalm. Main Catholic Church in Sweden.
-December 24th: Christmas service in Italian at 9pm, Croatian at 10pm and midnight mass (Latin?).
-December 25th: Italian at 8:45am, High Mass at 11am (Latin?), Spanish at 2pm, Polish at 5pm and Swedish at 6:30pm.
-December 31st: Thanksgiving mass with "Te Deum" at 5pm.
-January 1st: High Mass at 11am (Latin?), Croatian at 12:30pm, Spanish at 2pm and Swedish at 6:30pm.

St Eugenia (Catholic)- located next to Kungsträdgården. Mass in English every Sunday at 6pm.
-December 24th: Christmas prayer at 7:30pm, midnight mass in Swedish at 10pm and in English at 11:59pm.
-December 25th: High mass at 11am (Latin?), mass in English at 6pm.
-January 1st: High mass at 11am (Latin?), mass in English at 6pm.

These churches do have more services than I have listed and there are, of course, many more churches in Stockholm! If you are staying at the Rival Hotel and interested in other churches or dates, contact me directly. Looking for temple services (Judaism)? Click here for information in English for the Jewish Congregation in Stockholm, or click here for an earlier blog entry about the Great Synagogue, Jewish Museum and more.


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