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These days the news is filled with stories of nuclear tests in North Korea, an abdicating Pope, war, crime and famine. It can get quite depressing, so I thought I would report on some fun news... things to look forward to in Stockholm in the near future! 
New Museums: The big news in Stockholm is the upcoming opening (May 7th) of ABBA The Museum! There has been a lot of buzz about this both in Sweden and through international media. According to reports, the museum will be very interactive with state of the art technology... like a 360 degree movie screen, holograms and more surprises. The museum will be part of a larger museum called the Swedish Music Hall of Fame, dedicated to Swedish contributions to popular music. Tickets for May can already be purchased on their website (linked above) and summer tickets will be released soon. Keep checking on this blog for more updates.
There are plenty of great exhibitions planned at various museums this year, but one that caught my eye (I am a fashion/photography nerd) is the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition "From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk" coming to the Architecture Museum this summer (June 15th to September 22nd). Should be fantastic!
Ad for upcoming Gaultier exhibit..
New Restaurants: The Stockholm restaurant scene continues to evolve and grow... two new restaurants have recently opened which have garnered a lot of attention: Taverna Brillo and Nosh & Chow. I will visit them in the coming weeks and report back here! One event that I am really looking forward to is the "reopening" of the restaurant Oaxen Krog. For many years, Oaxen Krog was located in the southern Stockholm archipelago and consistently made the lists of best restaurants in the world. In September, 2011 they closed the restaurant and announced that they would be moving closer to Stockholm. Well, it is now official... in May of this year they will open the doors of their new restaurant on the island of Djurgården (not too far from the new ABBA Museum) in Stockholm. Besides Oaxen Krog, which will be fine-dining, they will also have a more casual sister restaurant called Oaxen Slip (same entrance). Can't wait!
Photo by Yanan Li, Stockholm Visitors Board


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